Character Design

My forte and passion, I enjoy every aspect of character design. I am confident working in every time period, genre and graphic style

2002-Present – Freelance Artist
1999-2004 Academy of Art University – BFA Illustration and Animation


In college, I trained in traditional 2d animation, as well as 3d animation with Maya. Since finishing college I’ve also developed skills in 2d pixel animation for the purpose of video games. Learning how to animate has given me an eye for weight and flow, as well as editing down to a streamline design.

1999-2004 Academy of Art University – BFA Illustration and Animation

Digital and Traditional Painting

Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop with a Tablet-PC are the programs I have spent the most time with. I have held certifications in four programs in the Adobe suite. Traditionally, I am skilled in Gouache and Acrylic painting, both in flat and textured applications.

2002-Present – Freelance Artist
2005-2006 Stream – Adobe Technical Support Professional
1998-1999 WH Pacific – Graphic Design Intern


Tied heavily into Character Design, making costumes and props has allowed me to think about designs in three dimensions: how clothing fits on the body, wraps around it, and appears from all angles. It also allows me to practice sculpting, casting and painting.

2002-Present – Freelance Artist

Leadership and Time Management

Whether it’s finishing work on time, managing several people – even children – in an organized task, or balancing multiple projects, I’m dependable when it comes to taking charge and meeting deadlines.

2007-2009 Vermont Hills Family Life Center – After School Teacher
2004 EB Games – Assistant Store Manager
1999-2001 Warner Bros Studio Store – Part-time Manager

Japanese Studies

I lived and worked in Sendai, Japan for a year. While there, I learned conversational and written Japanese. I also learned about and experienced several aspects of Japanese culture.

2006-2007 Nova – Eikaiwa Instructor

Other Skills

  • Teaching and Tutoring
  • 3D Modeling
  • Flash
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Video Editing
  • Basic Computer Programming
  • Sound Design
  • Special FX Make-up

Freelance Clients

  • Edgi Clothing
  • Amaranth Games
  • Moonberry Studios
  • Doll Divine
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