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Pengi+Torpedo progress

key-frame blocking for the first three shots. Taking a little longer than I expected, too many distractions and other things to be done. *sigh*


A background – OMG

I’m actually painting a background… it’s still in progress while I try and decide the faucet type.

Avatar:Airbender at AX

I can’t attend since it’s all the way down in LA, but I have to show some support for one of my favorite animated series, and the fan panel some of my friends have put together.

Pengi+Torpedo Color test

Zuko’s Hamster Wheel

so McDonald’s will have toys based on LastAirbender in their happy meals starting on Friday, the one that cracks me up the most is the Zuko toy – which has him running in a hamster wheel.

Action Script

So apparently I can’t embed swf files on WordPress… *sigh*  So here are a couple of things I’ve done with acting scripting, sorry for the external links.

Pengi+Torpedo background test

Testing out a background style for the short animation that will inevitably follow.

Meet Pengi+Torpedo

A rough animatic, animation to follow later

“Lighter Than Air” cast

A steampunk-airship comic idea with a friend.  So far I’ve only gotten their concept sketches, but I’m working on doing full turns and wardrobe reference sheets.

Kel, the captain:

Rachael, the first mate;  and Crystal, the new hand on deck:

Ella, the – um… she does security and runs the Ballista; and Lucky, husband and  the ship’s mechanic:

William, Jinx (Ella and Lucky’s son), Gil, Chip and Cook:

Alice the Red, aka Bloody Alice,  a pirate legend:

Bob’s soft fur’s soft

working on the image-map for the bob.  hurray for transparency mapping too.