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Captain Kel


Pyetla and Huaris

Last two important characters from Lighter Than Air – the alchemist, Huaris, and his wife, Pyetla, the surgeon.

“Lighter Than Air” cast

A steampunk-airship comic idea with a friend.  So far I’ve only gotten their concept sketches, but I’m working on doing full turns and wardrobe reference sheets.

Kel, the captain:

Rachael, the first mate;  and Crystal, the new hand on deck:

Ella, the – um… she does security and runs the Ballista; and Lucky, husband and  the ship’s mechanic:

William, Jinx (Ella and Lucky’s son), Gil, Chip and Cook:

Alice the Red, aka Bloody Alice,  a pirate legend:

LTA Practice

I wanted to try a different method of laying out comic pages – one that didn’t get me stuck on trying to figure out page layout.  I drew the panels on a small scratch pad and then taped them onto a larger piece of paper.

I also drew with a ballpoint pen so that I wouldn’t get bogged down too much trying to make the panels look pretty.

Worked fairly well for time.