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MurderDollz sprites

Finalized standing sprites of the Dollz, along with a few stats.

Will probably work on mocking-up a HUD before I get to more animation of the Dollz.


MurderDollz Sprites, WIP

Working on sprite animations based on My Little MurderDollz:

Hopefully for a platformer style puzzle game.  Since there are 5 different characters, I wanted to give them different run styles.

Learning to Crochet

It’ll come in handy for cosplay, but also just as gifts and to sell.

Captain Kel

shape challenge

Design-A-Character, the group on DeviantArt has reset, doing the shape challenge again – to design character portraits based on abstract shapes.

Cakes n Things

Just wanted to share some of the food art I’ve done.

Walkin Bob

Bob’s walkin – will work on more animations shortly.

Pyetla and Huaris

Last two important characters from Lighter Than Air – the alchemist, Huaris, and his wife, Pyetla, the surgeon.

Bob! All dressed up and ready!

Bob’s all dressed up and ready to go.  Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to animate him doing.  ^__^

Pengi+Torpedo progress

key-frame blocking for the first three shots. Taking a little longer than I expected, too many distractions and other things to be done. *sigh*