Maya Animation

Character design, model, rig, texture, animation and lighting

Animation and lighting

Animation and lighting

Character Design and texture. Animation, lighting and compositing for the smurf, first half of the film.
Pixel Animation

AvatarSD Animations

Done for a fighting game based on Avatar: the Last Airbender – and entirely fan made game just for the practice and fun of it. You can see more (including download the demo for PC) at

These are at 300% zoom, and have the key-combos indicated for each special move.

Traditional Animation

In progress work, done in Photoshop and Flash


2 comments so far

  1. Benjamin J. on

    As you can probably already guess my name is ben. None the less I’m an artist and I like your work. Its very clean. Moving on to my question, how many frames did you use for the traditional animations? If possible do you have anywhere where I could see each individual frame to make em? Well thank you very much for your time.

    Benjamin J.

    • alisachristopher on

      I was trained for Film which runs at 24fps, (Video is 30fps) but depending on the motion, I usually worked on 2s (meaning each drawing is held 2 frames)
      However, doing frame animation in Photoshop is a bit different since with GIF files you set the frame delay to fractions of a second – which I usually set at around 0.2 seconds. which is closer to 4s on 24fps.
      Timing is always adjusted based on what the action is and how quickly it needs to happen.

      As far as viewing the frames, you can import the gif files in Photoshop (or I think Gimp) and it’ll show what the frames look like and the time delay set on each frame.

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