MurderDollz sprites

Finalized standing sprites of the Dollz, along with a few stats.

Will probably work on mocking-up a HUD before I get to more animation of the Dollz.

MurderDollz Sprites, WIP

Working on sprite animations based on My Little MurderDollz:

Hopefully for a platformer style puzzle game.  Since there are 5 different characters, I wanted to give them different run styles.

Stand Out

Stand Out against hate, against bigotry.  Stand Out against intolerance.  Stand Out against violence.

You’re not alone.

Art Test

Applying for Game’s Cafe in Calgary, they wanted an art test to see that I could do backgrounds a la Hidden Object Games.

34 hours of work later:

Moonberry Commissions

Moonberry studios has been working on redoing some things around their site, including the user interface for their game Picma.  They commissioned me to do some new graphics for them.

Learning to Crochet

It’ll come in handy for cosplay, but also just as gifts and to sell.


had an idea to reinvent Catwoman after having watched “Bathman: Red Hood” and Tim Gunn critique superhero costumes.

Captain Kel

shape challenge

Design-A-Character, the group on DeviantArt has reset, doing the shape challenge again – to design character portraits based on abstract shapes.

Cakes n Things

Just wanted to share some of the food art I’ve done.